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New Route Connects Numaish to Hawkes Bay

Sindh government has announced new routes for the People’s Bus Service Karachi. This decision made during a meeting chaired by Sindh Transport Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon, which focused on addressing the city’s public transport needs.

Red Bus Karachi New Routes Update

The meeting, attended by elected MPAs from Karachi, the deputy mayor, and other officials, resolved to introduce new bus routes in Malir, Kemari, Lyari, and the western district of Karachi. Among the new routes is a key connection from Numaish to Hawkes Bay, aimed at improving accessibility across the city.

Minister Memon emphasized the government’s commitment to expanding the public transport network, making it more convenient for Karachi’s residents. “We are dedicated to easing the city’s transport challenges by broadening the reach of the People’s Bus Service,” he stated.

Dedicated U-Turns for People Bus Service Karachi

In a previous session, the transport department provided a comprehensive update on the progress of various projects, including the construction of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems, new traffic signals, and the reconstruction of bus terminals. A notable development is the planned construction of a U-turn specifically for the People’s Bus Service, which aims to streamline the service’s efficiency.

Parking Plaza in Hyderabad

Furthermore, the meeting also decided to build a parking plaza in Hyderabad’s central areas to alleviate traffic congestion, demonstrating the government’s broader commitment to enhancing urban transport infrastructure.

By expanding and improving the People’s Bus Service, the Sindh government is taking concrete steps to resolve Karachi’s longstanding transportation problems, aiming to provide residents with a more reliable and efficient public transit system.

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