Jelly Roll faces challenges booking an international tour due to felon past

Country singer Jelly Roll is encountering obstacles in booking his international tour due to his criminal record. In an interview with Jon Bon Jovi for Interview Magazine, Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason DeFord, disclosed that his felony convictions are complicating his travel plans, despite growing international interest from fans.

Jelly Roll explained, “It’s funny, America has finally agreed to let me leave and give me a passport, but some countries won’t let me come because of my felonies. We’re working on that.” Despite these setbacks, the artist remains optimistic that the situation will be resolved.

Jelly Roll has been candid about his troubled past, including approximately 40 arrests for drug-related charges and a conviction for aggravated robbery at age 16, which led to over a year of incarceration. His openness about his criminal history is part of his public persona, reflecting his journey from a tumultuous past to a successful music career.

In addition to his professional struggles, Jelly Roll has made significant strides in improving his physical health. He recently lost 70 pounds in preparation for a 5K run, emphasizing that his health journey is ongoing.

Although his travel plans are currently hindered, Jelly Roll’s determination to overcome these challenges is clear. His story underscores the complexities faced by individuals with criminal records, even as they achieve success and strive for personal growth.


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