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Routes, Stops and Timings Update

Islamabad has added eight more electric buses to its fleet, increasing the total to 30 out of the planned 160. By Thursday, an additional 22 electric buses will further bolster this eco-friendly initiative.

Islamabad Electric Buses Stops

To support these new buses, a dedicated charging station has been set up at the Jinnah Convention Center. This infrastructure is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and reliability of the electric fleet.

Islamabad New Bus Routes

Initially, the 30 buses will operate on two main routes:

  1. NUST Orange Line Depot (G-11) to PIMS Hospital:
    • Stops: G-11 Markaz, G-10 Markaz, G-9 Markaz, G-8 Markaz, and PIMS Hospital
    • Frequency: Every 10 minutes
  2. PIMS Hospital to Bari Imam:
    • Stops: G-7, G-6, Melody, Abpara, Ataturk Road, Serena Hotel, Foreign Office, Radio Pakistan, and Diplomatic Enclave
    • Frequency: Every 10 minutes

Islamabad EV Bus Timings

These buses will run daily from 6 AM to 10 PM, offering a reliable and sustainable transportation option for the residents of Islamabad.

Under the directives of the Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), a subsidy program is being developed to make the service more accessible. This will benefit deserving individuals, including disabled persons, students, and other eligible groups, ensuring inclusive transportation for all.

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