Pat Colbert, ‘Dallas’ actress who played Dora Mae, dies at 77

Actress Pat Colbert, recognized for her portrayal of Dora Mae in the television series ‘Dallas,’ has passed away at the age of 77. 

Reports indicate Colbert died on June 23 at her residence in Compton, following a decade-long struggle with multiple strokes.

Colbert began her television career with a debut in 1979’s ‘Eischiled,’ where she played a model alongside Joe Don Baker. She later appeared in ‘Flamingo Road’ and various 1980s shows such as ‘Benson,’ ‘The Fall Guy,’ ‘Knots Landing,’ and ‘A Death in California.’

One of her notable roles was in CBS’s ‘Capitol,’ a political soap opera set in Washington, D.C., where she portrayed the character Cora Mullens. Colbert joined ‘Dallas’ in its seventh season in 1983, portraying Dora Mae, the manager of the Oil Baron’s Club, and remained on the show until its conclusion in 1991.

Post-‘Dallas,’ Colbert appeared in episodes of ‘Sisters’ and ‘True Colors’ in 1991. Her film credits include roles in ‘S.O.B.’ (1981), ‘Hysterical’ (1982), and alongside Bill Cosby in ‘Leonard Part 6’ (1987), where she played Allison Parker.

Colbert’s later film appearances included ‘Thom & Dusty Go to Mexico: The Lost Treasure’ (2014) and ‘If Not for His Grace’ (2015). A funeral service for Colbert is scheduled for July 20.

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