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These cheesy baked stuffed mushrooms are perfect for a keto friendly starter, light lunch or warm snack. Just a small amount of ingredients makes them quick and easy to make.

Whenever I start cooking them I start to get really hungry as the kitchen begins to fill with the aroma of cooking mushrooms, cheese and garlic.

If you look for normal stuffed mushroom recipes they seem to always have breadcrumbs or similar in them. Firstly breadcrumbs of course are high in carbs so not keto diet friendly. We use the whole of the mushroom and the chopped stems with the mature and sharp cheddar cheese helps it all to combine.

You can use any mushroom type for this recipe of course but I find the average button mushrooms to be good for keto friendliness (low carb mushrooms) as well as for ease.

bubbling cheese in stuffed mushrooms

If you want to expand on this recipe you can add soft cheese to the filling to make it creamier. Adding parmesan cheese intead of cheddar can give these stuffed mushrooms some boost. For extra herb flavours you can try sage or paprika.

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