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Government to End Saturday Holidays, Expected Announcement Soon

The federal government is considering ending the two-day weekly holiday in a move to restore a six-day workweek for federal government offices. The Cabinet Division has requested recommendations from all ministries, which will be forwarded to the federal cabinet for a final decision. The announcement is expected in the coming days.

Possible Implementation from July 1, 2024

If approved, the current practice of two weekly holidays will end on July 1, 2024. Presently, most federal government departments observe holidays on both Saturday and Sunday. The proposal to eliminate one of these holidays is anticipated to face opposition from public sector employees.

Background and Context

In 2022, the federal cabinet introduced the two-day weekend in government offices as part of an energy conservation plan. This measure was taken to address the country’s ongoing severe energy crisis, which typically worsens during the summer months. During Shehbaz Sharif’s last tenure, there were considerations to reintroduce Saturday as a holiday for government employees. However, the proposal encountered significant resistance and was not implemented.

Employee Concerns and Opposition

The move to end the two-day weekend is expected to spark concerns among public sector employees. The change would require them to adjust to a longer workweek, potentially affecting their work-life balance and overall job satisfaction.

As the federal government moves closer to a final decision, all eyes are on the impending announcement. If the recommendations are approved, federal government offices will shift back to a six-day workweek starting from July 1, 2024. This change aims to enhance productivity and address ongoing energy challenges, despite expected resistance from the public sector workforce.

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