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Good News for Undergraduate Students

In a significant move to support its student body, NED University of Engineering & Technology has announced the launch of a new scholarship programme for its undergraduate students. The NED university scholarships announcement was made by the university administration on Monday.

Under this initiative, students will be eligible for scholarships ranging from 20 to 100 percent. This generous programme, named the Under-Graduate Fellowship Programme, aims to alleviate the financial burdens that many students face, ensuring they can continue their education without interruption.

A spokesperson for NED University detailed that the university’s Syndicate recently approved an allocation of over Rs230 million to fund the scholarships. This substantial financial commitment underscores the university’s dedication to academic excellence and student welfare.

The spokesperson expressed optimism about the impact of the new programme, stating, “We hope this initiative will set new standards in higher education. With these scholarships, students will no longer have to abandon their studies due to financial difficulties.”

The Under-Graduate Fellowship Programme marks a major step forward in supporting the educational aspirations of students at NED University, reinforcing the institution’s commitment to fostering academic growth and providing equal opportunities for all.

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