Glen Powell opens up about love advice from his parents

Glen Powell expresses gratitude for his wise parents!

During an episode of ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ aired on Wednesday, June 5, the actor shared the valuable guidance he received from his parents, Cyndy and Glen Powell Sr., who have been married for over 40 years. 

“You know they do give me love advice ‘cause I do think love surviving that long in this world is really tough,” Glen said. “I think you do have to have some tricks,” said the actor. 

“I think for them the thing that they always tell me is, ‘You gotta find somebody with a sense of humor,’ ” he added.

 “You know, life is inevitably gonna have highs and lows but you always have to have somebody that can see the silver lining, the bright side of things and just the humor whether it’s good or bad,” continued the ‘Anyone But You’ star. 

Powell, who has a close bond with his parents, also attended the red carpet with them at the Sundance premiere of ‘Hit Man’ back in January.

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