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From a very early age, I have had a love for drawing and painting flowers. Wherever I may be in the UK, observing the flowers in summer gardens in full bloom brings back many happy memories from my childhood. 

My favourite types of garden are English Country Cottage gardens, I always take photographs of beautiful flowers, whether it be giant Aliums or Agapanthus gracing the coastal gardens of Cornwall, wild poppies in the endless sky fields of Suffolk or the hardy Geraniums, Delphiniums, Daisies , Phlox and Dahlias in the gardens of my home county of Leicestershire.

summer blooms on kiwi

Both sets of my grandparents loved their gardens, growing and planting flowers, fruits and vegetables every year, tending to them with care and knowledge and my Dad has a wonderful cottage style garden that he has spent many years shaping, establishing and adding to. 

Only last year, I happily sat with my Mum sketching the wonderful large cluster of Oxeye daisies that are thriving again this year in their garden. 

From the first moments of learning to hold a crayon, I always had pens, paintbrushes, pastels and crayons with me and a sketchbook to interpret and record what I see, flowers were my go to and they still very often are when I need to lose myself in my Art for a while. 

Photographing and sketching Flowers brings me calm and a real appreciation of the delicate intricacies of nature. I lose my cares and escape my to do list in my mind when I am in a garden appreciating the wonderful host of colours that summer brings.

Zoe Potter drawing Summer Blooms

Welcome to my article where I reveal more about my journey creating my Summer blooms designs. There is something wonderful about these drawings that I initially began to create during a difficult and scary time in my life. 

What appeared on my paper became a riot of colour and I felt inspired to create over time, several designs that are a jubilant celebration of life and nature that will look great on yours walls and in your homes and will bring sunshine to the dullest of grey days.

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