Brightham House Boutique Bed & Breakfast, Devon

Don’t know about you, dear reader, but I have got pretty ticked off with rain over the last few months. There has been far too much of the wet stuff falling all around. Things got so grim, I even jetted off in search of sunshine a couple of times. However, that was then. This is now.

Now, those grey days are behind us (touch wood) and summer is bursting out all over. Like a badger with a basket full of buttercups. Which is always something to celebrate.

And what better way to celebrate than by going off for a few days in a particularly pretty part of the UK? in this case, I’m talking about the South Hams. Two reasons why I chose this part of the country. Firstly, it’s very pretty. As mentioned above. Secondly, there is a really lovely little bed and breakfast place I know of down there, full of knick knacks and loveliness. Though, to be fair, calling it a bed and breakfast place is a bit like saying Paul McCartney has written a couple of songs. But more of that later.

Brightham House

For now, the important thing is that I’ve been there before and have been looking for an excuse to make a return visit for ages. Struck me this was the perfect opportunity. So booked my wife and I in for a few nights and set off in search of paradise, South Hams style.

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