Amazon Prime Members Can Get Two of These E-books Free in June

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You can get thousands of free e-books over the course of 2024 if you know where—and when—to look. All year long, Amazon is offering up free Kindle e-books to readers, with new opportunities popping up every month.

This year also marks the 10th anniversary of Stuff Your Kindle Day, the biggest free e-book event of the year, offering up over a thousand free e-books—but that’s later this year. In June, Prime members can get two free Kindle e-books from Amazon’s First Reads program, one of them being this month’s short read.

What is Amazon’s First Reads?

Amazon First Reads is a program aimed at Prime members that offers early access to new e-books across many genres, as curated by First Reads editors (one of your many Prime Member benefits). Prime members can choose to download one free e-book every month from a rotating list—though some months that number is bumped up to two—and non-members get them for a discounted price. These e-books can be read on any compatible Kindle device or via the free Kindle app.

How to get your free Amazon Kindle e-books in June

Go to the First Reads landing page to see the full list of e-books available this month. Once you find a book that seems interesting, click the “Shop Now” button from the First Reads landing page. Make sure you’re not being redirected to the Kindle mobile application, because you won’t see the free book option there; instead, use your browser (or just “check out” your free book on your computer).

Make sure you’re not clicking the ”Pre-order for…” button, as that will direct you to pay; instead, click the “Read for Free” or the “Buy Now with 1-Click” button under the “First Reads” banner on the book’s Amazon page (don’t worry, you won’t be charged). This will send the e-book directly to the Kindle linked to your Amazon account.

You can see what it should look like from the screenshot below.

Screenshot of Amazon page on phone from the web browser showing the "read for free" button.

Credit: Daniel Oropeza

You’ll know you did it right when you see a “Thanks, [your name]!” order summary indicating the e-book is being auto-delivered to the Kindle Cloud Reader.

Free Amazon Kindle e-books available in June 2024

This month, you can choose one from ten Kindle e-books, plus you get the free “bonus short read,” Falling Down (The Boy in the Iron Box Book 1) by Guillermo del Toro, the Academy Award-winning director of Pan’s Labirynth and The Shape of Water.

Amazon notes the genre for each of the books above the title, offering a quick way to narrow down your options. If you hover over the “See Editor Notes” under the “Shop Now” button, you’ll be able to read a short description from the First Reads editor who picked the book.

Here are your options for June 2024:

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