All the claims Lauren Piscotta made against Kanye West in harassment lawsuit

New disturbing allegations against Kanye West have surfaced in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by his former assistant.

Lauren Pisciotta is suing the rapper, accusing him of sexually harassing and stalking her, and sending her disturbing texts and videos during her employment in 2021-22.

In the lawsuit, the former model claims the rapper promised to pay her $1 million annually if she deleted her OnlyFans account, to which she agreed.

After parting ways with his longtime Yeezy Chief of Staff, Kanye allegedly began bombarding her with numerous vile text messages containing explicit language.

Kanye West had fantasies about Lauren Pisciotta

He allegedly described sexual fantasies involving women, fixated on the size of her boyfriends’ genitals, masturbated during phone calls with her, and made her guess what he was doing.

Yet, these are not the most shocking allegations Pisciotta makes in her lawsuit.

In the complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, she alleges that West often sent her videos of himself engaging in sexual activities.

Lauren Pisciotta was exposed to Kanye West and Bianca Censori’s intimate encounters

Lauren claimed that as part of her duties, which required her to be available to West 24/7, she was responsible for helping to find women to join Kanye and Bianca in their marital bed.

The lawsuit claims, “Kanye West a.k.a. Ye would require Plaintiff to coordinate Uber rides for women to meet with him.”

“On one such occasion, in August 2022, after Plaintiff had arranged an Uber ride, Kanye West a.k.a. Ye and Bianca Censori called Plaintiff wanting to discuss the orgy [five-some] they had participated in the day before.”

Lauren also claims in her complaint that Kanye requested sexual favors from his wife for himself and his friends. She states, “In August 2022 at the Yeezy/Gap office, Kanye West a.k.a. Ye required Plaintiff to remove her cardigan while she was in the office because he said ‘it was covering too much.’

“Later that evening at the office, Kanye West a.k.a. Ye asked Bianca Censori and other female guests to perform oral sex on him and his male guests in the office changing room.”

“During this same time period, Kanye West a.k.a. Ye asked design assistants at the Yeezy/Gap office why Plaintiff would not want to have sex with him. Defendant was extremely upset and angry that Plaintiff would date or have sex with someone else, but not him.”

Kanye West harassed Lauren Pisciotta

Lauren also alleged that West mentioned being aroused by the sound of her voice and frequently masturbated while they were on the phone together, prompting him to ask if she could “hear or guess what he was doing.”

During a flight to the Yeezy Fashion Show Paris with other employees, West purportedly texted her asking for a “hug,” but she refused, understanding his intentions.

Previously, he had sent her a picture of a couple engaged in sexual activity, accompanied by the message: “when I say I need a hug this is what I mean.”

After she refused the “hug” on the plane, West came out of his room and asked her to come inside.

Once inside his room, he shut the door, leaving them trapped together as the door couldn’t be opened from the inside, she alleged.

According to the lawsuit, West proceeded to lie down on the bed and masturbate under the covers until he fell asleep, while she remained seated across from him in a chair.

Pisciotta also alleged that West frequently inquired about her present and past sexual experiences and insisted on learning intimate details.

“[West] would would frequently demand to hear details and was particularly fixated on the penis size of, among others, [Pisciotta]’s boyfriends,” she asserted. “[West] would often tell [Pisciotta] that he always wanted to have sex with her, and that he held these feelings for a very long time.

“[West] also falsely boated that he had sex with [Pisciotta] or would insinuate to his friends, business partners, and music and fashion collaborators that he was having sex with [her].”

West purportedly requested to engage in sexual activity with Lauren when he followed her to the restroom during a work dinner and proposed a threesome. Additionally, he FaceTimed her at home with a friend and asked to engage in phone sex with the friend.

“West asked [Pisciotta] to come to his hotel (Nobu in Malibu, California) because [he] said he needed [her] to fix his Netflix account,’ the lawsuit claimed of another occasion.”

“Once [Pisciotta] arrived, [West] admitted that [he] had [her] come to his hotel because he wanted a hug for his birthday.”

Kanye West wrongfully terminated Lauren Pisciotta

After elevating Pisciotta to the position of Chief of Staff for his numerous companies with a significant salary of $4 million, she was reportedly terminated in October 2022.

She maintains that she never received the promised $3 million severance and is currently filing a lawsuit for breach of contract and wrongful termination.

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