A Norfolk Broads Adventure On A Herbert Woods Boat

Don’t know about you, dear reader, but I do love a good boating holiday. Particularly on the canals. Where you spend time on a long, thin narrowboat, chugging down long thin canals, working your way up and down locks. Having an excellent time all round, all whilst gliding along at walking speed. A genteel three miles an hour.

However, keeping it on the straight and narrow is not the only game in town. Not any more. For I have discovered the joys of other waterways. In this case, the Norfolk Broads.

So if you fancy trying a different approach to a boating break, there is a way. Just get yourself to Norfolk and head for the Broads. Where the boats are bigger, the beams are broader and the speed limit is a sizzling five or six miles an hour. As a bonus, the views are pretty spectacular too. 

river boating in Norfolk

I know this because that’s exactly what a group of us did. We went online, found the decidedly wonderful Herbert Woods boatyard, then booked ourselves a week aboard a rather swish and luxurious 8 berth beauty, Royale Light 1. It was definitely a different type of adventure to a canal boat holiday

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