Zhalay Sarhadi shocking statements on marriage, social media

Actress and model Zhalay Sarhadi made it to the news with her comments about social media’s role in marriages.

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Zhalay Sarhadi, famous for her funny videos on TikTok and Instagram, appeared on a private channel’s show and shared her views on different topics.

The ‘Rang Laaga‘ star said she started her showbiz career with a drama in late 2003 or early 2004 and worked on television for several years.

Zhalay Sarhadi claimed she is a good singer and enjoys singing the most. The actress went on to say that she plans on releasing a song in the future.

Sharing her views on marriages and relationships, the actress said her unmarried friends complain about not getting married because of social media.

The celebrity further said women consider themselves beautiful if their looks get praised on social media. She added that it leads to them rejecting marriage proposals as they think they have many options to pick.

She added that people are unable to judge a girl properly and are far away from reality as they are looking at them through the lens of their smartphones.

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