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Y&R’s Smilin’ Jack & The Mustache, Suited & Bellied Up, Nice for Now

Y&R’s Smilin’ Jack Abbott bellied up with his long time rival, The Mustache, suited up at Society. Their one premium tequila each sponsored by Jack was tame, but what happens after Victor finds out what’s on the other side of Nikki’s door?

Y&R’s Smilin’ Jack Abbott & The Mustache, Tame for Ten

Y&R’s Smilin’ Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) & The Mustache (Victor Newman by Eric Braeden) met up suited up & ended up bellying up at Society, Young & the Restless fans expected things to get interesting.

All fans got was some some chit chat about their grandson Harrison, the kidnapping story as light as a light domestic beer, & a dab of polite reminising.

Eventually, Jack Abbott got called away by his new responsibility, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) & responded on the double as promised. Now the next door that Victor Newman knocks on will definitely be an opportunity…

Victor Newman Misses a Memo, Nikki’s New Sponsor

Victor Newman until just about now has no idea that Nikki ousted her previous AA sponsor Seth (Brian Gaskill) & replaced him with long time friend & ex-husband, Jack Abbott.

Now it’s time for Nikki Newman to come clean to her husband Victor about the status of her recovery & who is who in helping her. Otherwise, the only other option is for Smilin’ Jack Abbott to be Hidin’ Jack Abbott & take cover underneath Nikki’s desk & the both of them can hope for the best.

Genoa City’s Hottest Mess Lets GC’s Most Ambitious Go

Rightfully so after what she recently went through, Nikki Newman is Genoa City’s hottest mess right now on Young & the Restless.

Y&R's Smilin' Jack & The Mustache, Suited & Bellied Up, Nice for Now 2

When will it be too late for Nikki to somehow dial her mess making down? Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) is one crafty bitch, but for Nikki Newman she has been a godsend. Since Nikki Newman was forced off the wagon, both she & Young & the Restless fans learned that Audra does have feelings.

Audra Charles was embarrassed that she let Nikki know that she does have a softer side. She agreed to do anything for Nikki. Anything from not speaking of her father’s or Nikki’s alcoholism to taking on any overflow & special projects to free up Nikki to take proper care of herself.

Nikki Newman foolishly pulled an in-house job opportunity out of her unraveling hot mess ass to send Audra to London to open another Newman Media office. When Audra Charles informed Nikki that relocating away from Genoa City would not be happening, Nikki dropped Audra from Newman Media like she dropped herself drunk in the GCAC lobby a couple of weeks back.

Smilin’ Jack vs The Mustache, Audra vs All In Business

Victor Newman is sooner than later, if not immediately, going to find out that his long time rival except for enough time for a premium tequila is his wife’s new AA sponsor.

Without comparing notes, Victor & Jack will agree that Nikki’s impromptu decision to let Audra Charles go at Newman Media was not the best & The Mustache himself should have been consulted. However, they will continue to have Nikki’s back, again without comparing any further notes.

Audra Charles will run back to Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) for a new business opportunity that she already has alternate plans for & has brought her pending next lover, Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) into the loop on.

Victor Newman is not to be messed with. Audra Charles is not to be messed with. Nikki Newman at this time is without a path to get back on the wagon.

Things are about to get good in Genoa City on Young & the Restless…

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