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Y&R’s Grand Phoenix is Vacant, Time to Hold Lily Accountable

Y&R’s Grand Phoenix is vacant… STILL. Now it’s time to hold Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) accountable. She bought it & appointed no one to run it.

Something needs to change fast inside the Grand Phoenix. The Genoa City Athletic Club is totally pushing towards No Vacancy…

Chancellor Winters Acquires the Grand Phoenix, Now It’s Vacant

CW acquired the Grand Phoenix after purchasing it from Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). Chancellor Winteres did absolutely nothing with it. Lily didn’t even bother with appointing someone to run the Grand Phoenix.

How is it possible that business partners Jill Abbott (Jess Walton) & Devon Winters (Bryton James) have not spoken up themselves about the demise of the Grand Phoenix? Why hasn’t Jill &/or Devon questioned Lily on the acquisition itself?

Y&R’s Grand Phoenix is Vacant, Time to Hold Lily Accountable 5

The GCAC Flashes NO VACANCY & The Grand Phoenix Sits Empty

The latest Genoa City Athletic Club guest list reveals that almost every high-class GC resident is either living at the GCAC or spends time there being intimate.

Is Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) kidding Young & the Restless fans with the Newman Enterprises executive suite at the GCAC?

Regardless, no one in Genoa City is asking questions. Not one GCAC guest or guest of a guest claims that the hotel seems too crowded. Pot stirring is on full-time in the GCAC lounge & the Neil Winter Jazz Lounge.

Even Abby Newman, the Society restaurant owner/operator (Melissa Ordway) doesn’t mind.

Billy Abbott Should Have Been Asked to Run the Grand Phoenix

Yet another missed opportunity on Young & the Restless, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) not being asked to run the Grand Phoenix.

Lily Winters acquired the Grand Phoenix as CEO of CW with her then live-in boyfriend Billy Abbott bored out of his mind as her COO.

Billy Abbott & the Woman in the Green Dress at the Grand Phoenix on Y&R
Y&R’s Grand Phoenix is Vacant, Time to Hold Lily Accountable 6

Billy Abbott does not belong in a C-suite. Taking on the Grand Phoenix would have been the creative outlet to keep in with Chancellor Winters & underneath Lily’s sheets.

Billy Abbott’s antics would have kept the Grand Phoenix nearly full & the spa experience that Phyllis installed booked.

Who is holding Lily Winters accountable for this business faux pas? Also, if anyone else needs to vacate their home in Genoa City, or anyone wishes to visit Genoa City, the GCAC is at NO VACANCY,

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