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Y&R’s Diane Tricks Billy into Being Billy, Now She’s a Genius

Y&R’s Diane tricks Billy into being Billy & Jack thinks she’s a genius. Too bad that Billy being Billy almost always backfires.

In Case You Missed The Last Weekly #WTF on Y&R…

Last week we discussed how “nothing” could possibly go wrong with Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) working with her ex-husbands that are brothers… Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) & Adam Newman (Mark Grossman).

Seriously, WTF was up with Miss Sharon agreeing to inevitably be under Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) thumb? Sharon has seen this movie many, many times between being married & continuing friendships with both Newman brothers.

Has Sharon Newman lost her mind almost like Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman)?

…& THIS week’s Weekly #WTF on the Y&R

Y&R’s Diane Tricks Billy Into Being Billy

…& now Jack thinks his new wife Diane Jenkins-Abbott (Susan Walters) is a genius.

Um, earth to Jack & Diane… Aligning with Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) almost always ends in a trainwreck. Jack Abbott has seen this movie many, many times.

Diane has missed out since she was previously dead for a number of years.

To Diane using Billy to mess with the next-to-be-married Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) & Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) makes sense. Since Jack Abbott lost his mind, about the same time Diane came back from the dead, it’s not surprising that he has jumped on board with this ridiculous idea.

Billy Only Surprises Jack & Diane on Y&R

If Billy continues in true Billy Boy fashion, there’s no doubt that he’ll actually end up working with Ashley & Tucker not only to drive Diane out of Jack’s life but also end up working at their new company which will include as many of Ashley’s patents & Jabot employee’s they can bring with them.

Y&R’s Diane Tricks Billy into Being Billy, Now She’s a Genius 5

Billy claims he wants Tucker to leave town as much as Diane, but if he had a gun to his head & had to pick just one, Diane would be his choice.

Since Ashley & Tucker are buying into Billy’s alliance with them, they will not be surprised that Billy turned on his brother Jack. No one else in Genoa City enjoys Diane even just a little except for Jack Abbott & occasionally Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc).

Ergo, no one will be surprised if/when Billy turns on his brother & his new wife except for Jack & Diane themselves.

Y&R’s Diane Tricks Billy, Jacks Mind MIA

Can someone check the lost & found for Jack Abbott’s mind? It’s missing & it’s getting old for Young & the Restless fans.

The way Diane Jenkins has brainwashed Jack Abbott is out of this world.

Diane Dupes Jack on Young & the Restless
Y&R’s Diane Tricks Billy into Being Billy, Now She’s a Genius 6

Jack has in his mind that Diane is the love of his life & they were destined to be together. He also has in his mind that Diane has worked above & beyond & has earned a senior position at Jabot.

Jack Abbott even went as far as to marry Diane-Back-From-The-Dead-Jenkins without a prenuptial agreement. Whoa!

The Weekly #WTF on Y&R Wrap-up

Do you think that Billy Abbott will follow thru as Jack & Diane think he will & continue to be on their side? Or, do you think Billy has already flipped & is working with Ashley & Tucker?

Perhaps Billy is playing both couples & will ultimately align with whichever couple presents him with a better offer. Billy does like to gamble…

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