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Y&R Scoop: Harrison Locke’s Mother Tara in New York

Y&R fans continue & continue to search for the scoop on Harrison Locke’s Mother Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) that was last seen arrested at the Abbott Estate.

So, what is the scoop with Miss Tara?

According to Genoa City Standards, Harrison Locke’s Mother is FREE

Young & the Restless fans know full well about Phyllis Summers’ (Michelle Stafford) latest antics. Once she came forward she was in jail overnight & promptly released on bail.

How is it at all possible that Tara Locke is still in jail in New York for simply being funny with some money?

Y&R Scoop: Harrison Locke’s Mother Tara in New York 5

Kyle Abbott on Y&R, Harrison Locke’s Disaster Daddy

Kyle Abbott continues to disguise himself as a good man while wearing a suit & claiming to hold Harrison as his top priority. Really, Kyle?… Let us count the ways…

Y&R: Summer's Custody of Harrison Locke, Not Locked In
Y&R Scoop: Harrison Locke’s Mother Tara in New York 6

<> Kyle has not brought up Harrison’s biological mother Tara to him at all or shown him pictures. How is it reasonable at all that Kyle thought that Tara would be gone forever & out of Harrison’s life for good? Tara didn’t die like Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) did. Kyle makes it seem that way, however.

<> Let’s say Tara did have a long-term sentence for the financial crime she committed. Why wouldn’t Kyle put in motion for Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) to adopt Harrison?

<> Speaking of Summer’s relationship with Harrison… Once she & Kyle divorce, will she also be divorced from Harrison?

Harrison Locke’s Mother Tara Needs to Return to GC ASAP on Y&R

Seriously, if little Harrison Locke is going to have any hope growing up, his mother Tara Locke needs to return to Genoa City as soon as possible.

Between Harrison learning that he had a daddy in addition to a father & then losing his father, PTSD for him was already coming soon.

Now this kid has not seen his biological mother since she was arrested at the Abbott Estate & his replacement mother Summer will most likely be deleted from his life as well.

If Tara Locke doesn’t return to Genoa City soon enough Harrison’s last name will be changed to Abbott & Kyle will be trying to install Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) as his new mom.

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