Girl survives terrifying shark assault

A mighty shark can be seen in this collage of screengrabs taken from the video. — Twitter/WowTerrifying
A mighty shark could be seen on this collage of screengrabs taken from the video. — Twitter/WowTerrifying

A video went viral on social media during which a lady diver named Ocean Ramsey prevented a slender escape from being captured by a mighty shark.

The diver retains posting jaw-dropping movies during which she encounters sharks on Instagram. 

The previous video was shared by a Twitter account “Wow Terrifying” which reveals diver Ramsey backing off only a second earlier than a shark opens her mouth and approaches to seize her, near touching her flippers earlier than going again into the ocean.

The video on Twitter has at the moment 2.3 million views and is captioned “Bounce in” to spotlight the scary and most wonderful encounters of life.

This video was first shared by the diver Ramsey on her Instagram account.

The caption on her submit mentioned that they love Tiger shark Queen Nikki’s enthusiasm to greet @oceanramsey, including that “Ocean studying an strategy rapidly and precisely figuring out when to respectfully again up”.

The submit added that the encounter was not scary and the diver was not shocked in any respect.

Based on NDTV, Ramsey mentioned that when she noticed the shark that was very shut, with sufficient velocity, it seemed as if the shark goes to take her fin ideas. “That was the time once I mentioned I have to get again on the boat,” she remarked.

The shark is taken into account one of many largest sea creatures with 14 ft in size and a weight of 635kgs and is named the tiger shark.

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