I learned a valuable lesson this holiday season, and it was all done by watching college football.

It was a simple lesson that I’ve heard many times but until I saw it in action, I did not fully understand the power of it.

Play To Win

If you want to succeed at anything in life, make sure you approach it with an attitude that you a playing to win.

Expect the unexpected Many of you may have missed it but the best college football bowl game may have been the least popular one. Boise State was not expected to be able to play with Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl this year. Not only did they play with them, they looked like a team that expected to win the game.

Even in the face of adversity as they were down by seven with 0:51 left in the game, they were playing like they came there to win no matter what it took. They ran some of the most impressive (and risky) plays but the most impressive move by the Boise State team didn’t happen during a play, it was a decision that was most likely made a few weeks ago.

The coaches were faced with what most teams wouldn’t even have considered a decision when they scored a touchdown in the first overtime. They had the choice to either kick the extra point to tie (and go to another overtime) or go for two to win.

Most teams would not have hesitated to kick the extra point and stick around to see another day. Not Boise State, they never even looked at their kicker to go on and kick the extra point. In fact, they were so quick to go for it, the other team had to call a timeout because they weren’t ready.

Boise State players and coaches were on the same page that they were there to win the game not just play along with Oklahoma. And it showed on the final play. It looked as if they had this play drawn up for this exact situation all year long.

They were prepared and expected to win that game and they did.

So what does this have to do with my business or life? Everything. When I saw this happen, I thought about many situations in business and life which I went in not to lose instead of going into it to win.

It is amazing how just that simple change in attitude can completely change the result.

You should have the same approach to everything you do in life. Figure out ahead of time that you are doing something not just to do it but to win at it and succeed. It will not only change they way you approach that event but how you perform and most likely the result.

Source by Benjamin Hathaway

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