February 5, 2023

What To Gift a Newborn Baby 2022

what to gift a newborn baby

Your family or friends welcomed a new little one into the world, and now you don’t know what to get the newborn for a present. Many adults struggle to pick gifts for little ones, much of the reason is they are so far removed from their childhood. Thankfully, you can buy baby boy or baby girl bundles to make gift selection easy. Also, because newborns are still developing, they will not judge you too much, so you can relax. There are potentially four gifts you can buy for the little one that parents and baby will appreciate.

1. Organic Vitamin Essentials

The health and well-being of a  are always the top priority for parents. As a friend or relative, you can help ensure mom and dad are as prepared as possible by investing in organic essential vitamins.

Did you know newborns need vitamin D supplements in the early stages of life outside the womb because they don’t get enough direct sunlight? Also, if the baby is breastfed, they will not get enough from their mother. Even babies fed with fortified formula likely lack vitamin D.

2. Wellements Newborn Bundle

If you really want to help the new parents in your life, you can pick up the Wellements Newborn Bundle. The bundle will include all sorts of essentials, from vitamin supplements to teething oils.

Some other bundles on the Wellements site will include items for when the baby gets a little older, like the best sleep spray for babies. If you are out of ideas for the newborn in your life, consider one of the many Wellements bundles to make your life and the new parents’ lives easier.

3. Toys and Books

You know, there is no reason you have to go with fancy supplements or bundles; you can always pick up a newborn toy or kid-friendly book. Babies experience the world with their senses, and sound and touch are two of the first to really develop.

If you want to be one of the newborn’s favorite people, find them a soft stuffed animal. Make sure the plush toy has no hard, small pieces, like plastic eyes. Also, pick up a book that you can read to them whenever you visit.

4. Teething Toys

It may seem too soon for teething toys, but babies usually start growing their initial baby teeth around four months. Your friends or relatives will appreciate the toys when the baby begins teething and gets fussy because of discomfort.

There are different types of teething toys, but some of the best are ones that go into the fridge or freezer. The cold is soothing on sore gums.

New parents will often ask questions like, “how often can you give gripe water,” when dealing with a fussy baby, but if you invest in the right gifts, they may not need to worry about it. Toys, vitamins, and other supplements can help keep the baby calm and happy. Talk to a dietary and infant specialist to learn more.

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