Urgent Needed Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the former prime minister of Pakistan, received a 10-year prison sentence in a cipher case.

Dawn News reported that after Imran Khan and Shah Mahmood Qureshi filed charges again on December 13, a special court resumed the encryption process in the Adiala district jail last month.In October, the first charge was presented in the case against former prime minister and jailed Qureshi. They pleaded not guilty. The government notice and the prison process were found to be incorrect and Islamabad High Court which stopped the whole process.

This is not a trial, but a fixed match, the outcome of which was predetermined by the characters and planners of the London plan and their seals, Imran Khan said X on social media. Therefore I am already aware of the incident and the result.

He continued and I quote. Recall that the Islamabad High Court twice declared the Cipher case null and void and ordered a retrial because the case was judged against the law and the constitution. Also, since the entire foundation of this case is built on lies, threats, conspiracy and fraud, the Supreme Court granted me bail in this case as well.The Interim Federal Government of Pakistan challenged the decision of the IHC earlier this month and said it was invalid to announce the PTI leader and  jail term in the encryption case.

It said that the government filed a petition in the Supreme Court to set aside the judgment and sentence of the Court of Appeal, arguing that the court misjudged the case and the facts. The argument presented was that the IHC had no jurisdiction to cancel the special court that was set up to control the test of the former prime minister trial in secret. PTIfounder Imran Khan was accused of revealing state secrets and in November last year the IHC withdrew its notice of arrest process. That was reported by Geo News. The results of Imran Khanand’s internal appeal against the decision of a single bench to allow his custody to be heard in the IHC trial was announced on 21.11.2023 by the IHC bench comprising Justices Miangul.

Hassan Aurangzeb and Saman Rafat Imtiaz.decided on 21 November 2023 on the internal appeal of Imran Khan single member bench on his decision to agree to a custody trial in the encryption case under the Official Secrets Act of 1923. IHC Division Bench comprising Justices Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb and Saman Rafat Imtiaz.

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