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‘Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds’ Bosses Clarify Why We Haven’t Seen Sybok Once more — But

Again in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 1, Spock’s (Ethan Peck) half-brother, Sybok, was talked about and glimpsed. However since then, he has but to point out up (and all of Season 2 is now streaming on Paramount+), although clearly, that was a tease for him to be a (future) main drawback.

“It’s one thing now we have been discussing. We had quite a bit to do that season. We couldn’t do every thing we needed to. And generally if you’re solely doing 10 episodes, you don’t fairly get to do each story that you simply wish to, however every thing we arrange, we arrange for a cause, is what I’ll say,” government producer Henry Alonso Myers tells TV Insider.

However bringing Sybok again in Season 2 wasn’t essentially the plan, provides government producer Akiva Goldsman. Somewhat, it’s a kind of “setups that we all know we wish to repay over time. And the way in which we do the present is we put lots of playing cards up, and really early on, they’re form of simply ‘an episode about…,’ and by no means did I feel I might say this: We don’t have sufficient episodes,” he explains. “So what occurs is now we have 20 at all times that we actually like after which 15 now we have to make, after which now we have room for 10. That’s simply the method.” (Myers additionally factors out that it generally comes all the way down to actor availability.)

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It was in Season 1 Episode 7, “The Serene Squall,” that Angel (Jesse James Keitel, whom we’d wish to see once more) deceived the crew and took management of the Enterprise in an try to make use of threats in opposition to Spock to drive his then-fiancée T’Pring (Gia Sandhu) to free a Vulcan from a rehabilitation middle (or jail, relying the way you take a look at it). Angel remarked, concerning their lover, “not that mine cares in any respect about logic,” and Spock deduced who precisely the prisoner was. A sequence of occasions ensued, together with Spock kissing Chapel (Jess Bush) and (quickly, at the time) ending issues with T’Pring and Pike (Anson Mount) and different crew members on Angel’s ship taking management, forcing Angel to give up.

“I did get pleasure from assembly you, Mr. Spock,” Angel mentioned, including their lover “at all times talked about you. I urge you to contemplate that you do not want to be both Vulcan or human. That’s and at all times has been a false alternative. The query isn’t what you’re; it’s who you’re.” Then they transported away.

Later, Spock advised Chapel that “issues [Angel] mentioned had been particular to at least one Vulcan specifically. … Ambassador Sarek had a toddler out of wedlock. He, though full Vulcan, has rejected the teachings of logic.” Spock believed the Vulcan was “somebody I used to be advised to keep away from in any respect prices: my half-brother Sybok.”

The episode ended with a take a look at Sybok’s again (see the photograph on the high) … and to date, that’s it. However with Spock exploring his human aspect and feelings proper now on Unusual New Worlds, we are able to’t assist however assume it’s the proper time for that half-brother of his to point out up.

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