February 4, 2023

Sindh Police warn of engaging with ‘strangers’ on phone call

Representational image of a person using a mobile phone. — AFP/File
Representational image of a person using a mobile phone. — AFP/File

KARACHI: To protect citizens from being scammed and abducted by organised criminal groups, the Sindh Police has begun a campaign warning them to remain cautious when communicating with strangers on audio calls via phone or social media platforms such as Facebook.

The campaign is specifically aimed at men who are vulnerable to befriending such criminals disguised as women through these audio calls. The provincial police department has disseminated a public service message urging people to avoid forming such friendships and save themselves from potential scams or abductions.

Alerting citizens in its campaign, the provincial police said that if they befriend someone who sounds like a woman on a call and asks to visit Sukkur, Gothki, Shikarpur or Kashmore, they must never do so.

The poster, released by the police, also mentioned that citizens could also be asked to visit the aforementioned cities in the province for the purpose of business such as purchasing a car, tractor, and truck or buying rare birds and animals. Therefore, they must avoid getting involved in any such dealings.

People have also been informed not to unnecessarily visit these cities in the province and save themselves from being abducted. The police urged for citizens to ensure awareness among their loved ones and children against such calls.

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