scientific secrets to healthy aging and skin care

When it comes to Jennifer Anniston it’s no wonder she gets big commercials on products for skincare. It looks like she hasn’t aged since the Friend’s premiere. But with so many skin care products and trends emerging over the internet, it can be confusing to know what routine works for you. 

That’s why going back to the basics and scientifically proven habits that promote healthy aging and good skincare is the way to go. 

Stay Out of the Sun

Photoaging is when the sun starts to pre-damage your skin. Sun damage is one of the typical reasons women look for botox. Wrinkles, sun spots, and less skin elasticity occur faster when you expose your skin to intense UVA rays. Peachy’s NYC botox service can help minimize the appearance of these effects.

However, staying out of the sun is the most effective way to let your skin age as it should. Instead of tanning outside, use a self-tanner and spray tans to stay glowing without encouraging damage. 

Take In All Your Food and Vitamins

When it comes to treating your skin like a queen, staying away from drugs and alcohol is something you should consider. Alcohol is dehydrating to your skin which contributes to a loss of needed nutrients and vitamins. Drugs, like alcohol, also affect our sleep which plays an important recovery process for our skin and body.

Besides avoiding these harmful toxins you should get the right vitamins and nutrients in your diet. Leafy greens, fatty fish, and the right nuts and oils can keep your skin glowing. Don’t forget that not only can you ingest these in your diet but you can also take collagen supplements or use skincare products directly on the skin. 

Be Gentle With Products

Sometimes less is more. Not all products and services need to be used at once. It’s important to find a skincare routine and products that are gentle on your skin. Some antioxidants and retinol are great for rejuvenating it. But overuse can lead to more damage than good as some acids are strong and can burn through layers of new skin rather than just remove the dead skin. 

How to Find Products That Work For You?

Trial and error can be a frustrating process. Especially when it becomes the process of elimination and you have a few skincare products to work through. That’s why working with a trusted company or dermatologist is the route to go. 

This can help prevent months of frustration and breakouts. Not only will they recommend the right products but you are sure to hear some of the advice listed above. 

Everyone’s Skin is Different

Aging is not preventable. And on top of that everyone has their own skin which will age genetically at a certain pace. This doesn’t mean however there arent things you can be doing to slow your process down. Protecting your skin is the most important but, as aging happens naturally, preventative and active methods such as Botox are certainly an option. 

While there may not be day-to-day effects that are noticeable from eating right, exercising, and protecting your skin from UV rays, there is a long-term effect. This is the best way to protect your skin through scientifically-proven methods. 

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