Prince Harry’s explosive memoir ‘delayed until next year’ following the Queen’s death

Prince Harry’s explosive memoir ‘delayed until next year’ following the Queen’s death 

Prince Harry’s highly anticipated memoir will not be published until next year as a ‘sign of respect’ following Queen Elizabeth’s death, it has been reported.

The explosive book was reportedly ready to be released in October 2022, but was already delayed, with later reports claiming it would be on the shelves by the end of 2022.

A source noted that it’s unclear what truth bombs the Duke of Sussex has dropped in his book and added, “Is Harry taking out anything potentially bad he wrote about [William, Charles and Camilla] now? Who knows what will change.”

“He would never write anything bad about the Queen. He always has had the utmost love and respect for her,” the source further added.

Another source close to the Prince told The Telegraph that the tell-all book will not come out as planned and that its launch will be held for much longer than the official 10-day mourning period.

Britain’s longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away on September 8. Addressing her death, Prince Harry released an emotional statement as he wrote, “We are all reminded of the guiding compass she was to so many in her commitment to service and duty. Thank you for your sound advice.” 

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