Senator Sehar Kamran. — Facebook/File
Senator Sehar Kamran. — Facebook/File

Sehar Kamran, PPP’s former senator, gained popularity among netizens after a video from her days as a school principle in Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah went viral on social media in 2020 in which students were celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day.

In the video, Kamran could be seen asking students what they would do for the country and upon hearing their patriotic replies she would utter “wow great!”. But netizens shared their own version of her catch phrase which sounded “wow grape!” to them.

Following the massive popularity of the catch phrase “wow grape!” from the video, which turned into a meme with a global fanbase, Senator Kamran has decided to sell it as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

Taking to Twitter, the former senator shared that the earnings from the meme’s sale would be donated to support Pakistan’s flood-hit population.

“Wow Grape NFT To Become Source Of Help For Flood Victims,” she tweeted.

The senator added that the “core purpose of this sale is to bring revenue to help the flood victims of Pakistan”.

 Kamran was the principle of a Pakistani school in Saudi Arabia. Her catch phrase gained international fame and was turned into a meme template on social media.

Foundation — a digital art marketplace — will auction the NFT on September 30, while its proceeds will support victims of rain-induced flooding that has affected over 33 million people and killed over 1,200 across provinces in Pakistan.

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