Palace’s Meghan Markle bullying claims ‘backed’ by lawyers

Experts warn the bullying claims against Meghan Markle were ‘always’ airtight’ and supposed by lawyers.

GB News host and royal commentator Dan Wootton addressed these accusations.

He wondered, “Well, you’re always going to be concerned about the legal aspect, but this wasn’t my first rodeo.”

“I’ve been there before with the bullying story when I documented how the allegations of bullying have been made against Meghan by her home communications secretary and that I spent a long time working with The Times’ lawyer making sure it was legally watertight.”

“We had the email that was sent up the chain in Kensington Palace making the allegation so we worked very hard in conjunction with the lawyer making sure that was watertight.”

“Before we published, the Sussex lawyers Schillings were very aggressive, they sent us all sorts of letters, threatening, denying everything making all sorts of accusations against us. After publication, not a whisper.”

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