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A.I Technology

    40 mins ago

    Fourier Transform: Quantum Noise’s Newest Nemesis

    Researchers have developed a new method to better understand and mitigate quantum noise, which disrupts the operation of qubits. This…
    54 mins ago

    How to Build a Raised Garden Bed That Will Last

    I’ve built raised garden beds out of railroad ties or cedar fencing, 2x4s, bricks and even a beautiful woven lattice.…
    2 hours ago

    Transforming Waste Chicken Fat into Clean Energy

    In a recent study, scientists have successfully converted chicken fat into electrodes for supercapacitors, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional…
    2 hours ago

    Meta unveils five AI models for multi-modal processing, music generation, and more

    Meta has unveiled five major new AI models and research, including multi-modal systems that can process both text and images,…
    3 hours ago

    Feeling Sick After Your COVID Vaccine? According to Scientists, It’s Actually a Good Sign

    A UCSF-led study found that side effects such as headache, chills, and tiredness from COVID-19 vaccines may indicate a strong…
    4 hours ago

    Say Goodbye to Spoiled Food With New Smart Packaging

    Researchers at McMaster University have created smart packaging that detects spoilage, potentially reducing global costs by minimizing waste and illness.…
    4 hours ago

    YouTube Is Testing Its Own ‘Community Notes’ Feature

    Pretty soon, you might start to see notes across videos on YouTube. The Google-owned video-sharing platform is now testing an…
    5 hours ago

    The Amazon’s Surprising Drought Response

    New research reveals that different regions of the Amazon respond to drought differently due to variations in local forest environments…
    5 hours ago

    The rise and fall of AI at the McDonald’s drive-thru

    The fast-food industry has been turning to AI for years in the hopes that it might improve efficiency, cut down…
    6 hours ago

    How Predator Loss Is Rewriting America’s Ecosystems

    Alpha male of the Canyon pack in Yellowstone National Park. Credit: NPS/Neal Herbert A new study finds that the absence…


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