Megan Wroe, MS, RD, CNE, CLEC

Megan Wroe is a Mother, Dietitian, and a Wellness Manager at the St. Jude Wellness Center. Some may say that she has a very full plate, but despite her busy schedule, she has found time to pursue her passion of helping others enhance their overall health through food. One of Megan’s favorite aspects of being a Dietitian is teaching people how to make healthy food taste good. When she sees her clients get excited about adding healthy alternatives into their daily cooking, she knows they are on track to pursuing a healthier lifestyle. 

Megan was inspired to become a Dietitian after her sister was diagnosed with type one diabetes. Prior to attending various appointments with her sister, Megan had no idea how large of an impact one’s diet could have on their overall health. Because Megan’s first encounter with a Dietitian was from a diabetes and metabolic disease perspective, this has shaped her practice into a more lifestyle focused approach. Seeing a Dietitian is not just for those who are overweight, many people could benefit from developing nutrition practices that support healthy organ function. 

Throughout our interview with Megan, we had the opportunity to ask her a few questions. These were some of our favorite responses. 

What do you define as eating health?

“My definition of healthy is eating so that your body actually feels good. That’s healthy eating because someone with kidney disease has a very different idea of what healthy eating is versus someone who maybe has crohn’s disease or celiac disease.” – Megan Wroe

What are some tips for eating healthy?

“Eating healthy starts with real food. Anything you make from scratch at home will be healthier than going out or taking out.” – Megan Wroe

What is one of your favorite recipes? 

Dark Chocolate Cashew Tart by Lily Nichols

What do you believe is the first step in pursuing a healthier lifestyle?

“Start with a journal. Write things down, it doesn’t even have to be a lengthy journal but maybe every day for a week, write down things that pop into your head of what you see as healthy and what is a healthy life to you.” – Megan Wroe

As a mom, how do you get your daughter to eat her vegetables?

“One is to serve them but also with that is for you as the parent to serve and eat them too, because it really all boils down to modeling. If the vegetables on your plate and you are eating and savoring it, that’s the key. And you know, every kid hits a picky phase at some point. But, if they’re never given the opportunity to touch the food, smell the food, play with the food, see you cooking the food, see you eating the food every single day, that is the key to getting kids to eat their vegetables.” – Megan Wroe

Megan Wroe is a down to earth Dietitian who wants to help others discover the joy of healthy eating. If you are interested in connecting with Megan please feel free to use her contact information below.

(714) 578-8770 

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