Outrage in Manipur: Unveiling the Horrific Reality of Violence Against Kuki-Zo Women

Outrage in Manipur: Unveiling the Horrific Reality of Violence Against Kuki-Zo Women. A 26-second viral video from Manipur, India,

has sent shockwaves across the nation, showcasing a disturbing incident of violence against two women belonging to the ethnic Kuki-Zo tribe.

In the video, dozens of men, some appearing to be as young as 15, are seen assaulting and sexually attacking the women, who were eventually stripped naked and taken to an empty field. One of the survivors, aged 21, was gang-raped, while the other woman, 42 years old, also faced severe physical assault.

This incident occurred on May 4, a day after deadly ethnic riots erupted between the predominantly Hindu Meitei and Christian Kuki-Zo tribes in the remote state of Manipur.

The Meiteis, constituting more than half of Manipur’s population, live primarily in the capital, Imphal, and its prosperous surrounding valley. On the other hand, the Kuki-Zo and Naga tribes reside in the hill districts surrounding the area.

The clashes between the two communities, sparked by a proposal to extend reservation in government jobs and education to the Meiteis, have resulted in at least 130 deaths and over 50,000 displaced individuals, mainly from the Kuki-Zo community.


The delayed response from authorities has fueled the anger of the Kuki-Zo families, who accuse both the state and central governments of indifference towards their plight.

Despite filing a complaint on May 18 regarding the May 4 incident, the case was not transferred to the appropriate jurisdictional police station until over a month later. Only after the video went viral on July 20, did the authorities take action.

The survivor’s family stated that police officers were present with a Meitei mob during the attack on their village. Despite pleading for help, the police dropped them back to where the body of the survivor’s husband lay on the ground, and the women were subsequently attacked. The survivor’s brother, who attempted to intervene, was also killed. This lack of intervention by the police has further added to the sense of betrayal felt by the Kuki-Zo community.


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Adding to the tragic narrative, another incident occurred where two Kuki-Zo women from Khopibung village were locked in a room in Imphal and sexually assaulted by at least six men. They were later found dead in the room. The family of one of the deceased has also faced negligence from the police regarding their FIR, and their requests for the body of their daughter have been ignored.

The breakdown in legal processes since the onset of the violence in May has created an atmosphere of fear and despair among the Kuki-Zo community. The lack of justice and accountability for the atrocities committed against them has left them feeling dehumanized and abandoned by the Manipur state.

The shocking incident has prompted public outrage, with demands for swift action against the perpetrators. India’s Supreme Court has also expressed deep concern over the viral video and urged the state and federal governments to take immediate action.


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As the investigation continues, it is crucial for the authorities to bring the culprits to justice and ensure the safety and well-being of the affected communities. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for social and judicial reforms to protect vulnerable communities and uphold the principles of justice and equality.

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