The picture shows a man feeding a tiger. — Screengrab/Instagram

The picture shows a man feeding a tiger. — Screengrab/Instagram 

A man has gone viral for feeding a tiger with his hands through a bus window, shocking social media users. 

In the video, a bus driver could be seen showing a piece of meat in front of the tiger.

The wild cat moves towards the man and gulps down the meat with its paws on the window. 

The video went viral after it was posted and accumulated over 1 million views and received mixed comments from the netizens. 

While some found it extremely dangerous, others found the video interesting. 

“Extremely unsafe and irresponsible thing to do. In Bangalore, in the wildlife reserve, a small child was dragged out of the window of such a van, and rescue was not possible, it happened too quickly,” wrote a user.

“Animals too understand the language of love and affection,” wrote another. 

“All seems good until you become its lunch,” wrote another user. 

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