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Luke Kleintank Says Scott Is ‘Hell-Bent on Revenge’ After Explosion

The wait is almost over to find out if the Fly Team lost anyone in the explosion we know at least destroyed FBI: International‘s main location, their headquarters. (A new hub debuts in Episode 2, as we revealed with exclusive photos.)

Season 3, which premieres on February 13 (in between FBI and Most Wanted), picks up right after the explosion to show the aftermath. A bomb took out the team’s headquarters; Raines (Carter Redwood) was outside (though felt the blast), while Scott (Luke Kleintank), Jamie (Heida Reed), Vo (Vinessa Vidotto), Smitty (Eva-Jane Willis), and Powell (Greg Hovanessian) were inside with an arms broker tied to the case. (The team secured a missile before it could be sold.)

“You’re going to find out pretty quickly who’s alive and who is not, and then the chaos that ensues and what they do from there,” Kleintank tells TV Insider.

Whoever can work after that explosion is going to be after the person who planted that bomb (the buyer’s bodyguard). “I think this is probably the most determined Scott has ever been to find somebody because not only did he almost kill him, he almost killed his entire team,” previews Kleintank. “Everybody’s determined to find this person, but I think there’s a balance there. There’s only so much you can do. You can’t go full out because there’s red tape and it’s the Bureau, so there’s only so much Scott can do. He wants to keep his team safe and also abide by the rules, but I think he’s hell-bent on revenge a little bit.”

Helping out the team in the premiere is new intel analyst, Special Agent Amanda Tate (new series regular Christina Wolfe), also somewhat of an outside perspective at the moment. “She’s going to be coming into the season as an integral part of the new hub that we’re going to create, because the old hub is clearly no longer,” Kleintank says. “But her perspective is definitely different. She’s fresh eyes, and I feel like the audience is kind of viewing it through her eyes in a lot of ways of what Forrester is going through and what the team is going through, and she’s the outsider trying to empathize with what they’ve been through.”

Let’s just hope that what the Fly Team is going through won’t include grieving one of their own.

FBI: International, Season 3 Premiere, Tuesday, February 13, 9/8c, CBS

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