To all you college football fans out there – if you are not salivating at the prospect of watching this week’s games, you are not a true fan. LSU vs. Florida? Oklahoma vs. Texas? What is this? Christmas morning come early?

I usually do not wear my emotions so blatantly on my sleeve, but honestly, the last time I was this excited over a football game was Texas-USC National Championship game. And how did that game turn out? Oh yeah, it was completely and utterly amazing. Hopefully, this week’s games will also live up to the hype. With two games, featuring four college football juggernauts, how could they not? I am almost too excited to give my picks. Actually, no I am not. Here’s what is going to happen.

LSU vs. Florida – LSU has recently been promoted to the #1 team in the nation. They have something to prove. Will they show that leap-frogging USC was a momentary lapse in the poll’s judgement? I don’t think so. I predict an LSU victory. While the Florida Gators are a very good team with an explosive offense led by Tim Tebow, I just don’t think they can beat the Tigers. For one, they just came off a surprising loss to the Auburn Tigers. Also, LSU not only has an offense that can match Florida’s stride for stride, the Tigers also have arguably the most dominant defense in all of the land. I think this game is going to be close, but LSU will win – 27-17.

Oklahoma vs. Texas – This game is more of a toss up. It really depends on which Oklahoma team is going to show up. Will they be the run and gun Sooners that absolutely demolished the competition in the first four weeks of the season or will the lethargic, unimpressive sooners be there on Saturday. If Bob Stoops’ squad treats the Longhorns like they did Colorado, they will be in for a long day. But, if Oklahoma plays up to its ability, I don’t think Texas can weather the storm. Oklahoma is just too talented this year. Prediction – Sooners – 21 – 10

Source by Nishan Wilde

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