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‘Jeopardy!’ Fans React to ‘Brutal’ Physics Category

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the July 26 episode of Jeopardy!]

Policy analyst Alex Muhler and school counselor Lucas Partridge took on one-day Jeopardy! champion library circulation assistant Julie Sission, who has a total winnings of $11,210. And although Alex led the first round with $7,600, the tables turned quickly as the game transitioned to Double Jeopardy.

Lucas took complete control of the game during Double Jeopardy, crawling from $5,000 to $15,800 by the time Alex finally found one of the Daily Doubles of the round. However, she answered unsuccessfully, losing $4,000 from her total of $11,200.

After a few more clues, Lucas found a video Daily Double under the “Physics” category, and although he answered wrong, he only bet $100. Host Ken Jennings teased he could tell how much Lucas’ “loves this subject,” noting how he and everyone have avoided (and answered incorrectly on) the subject thus far. But he quipped again when Lucas got the final clue for the category correctly, saying, “Physicists everywhere were about to throw a shoe at the television, but you saved us.”

For Final Jeopardy, in the “Opera Source Material category,” everyone answered the clue correctly, leaving wagers to determine the winner. Lucas bet $0, content to win the game with $20,100.

“Today’s #jeopardy physics category was brutal,” one user tweeted. “Clues were worded weirdly and that 2000 dollar question should have been the 400 dollar questions.”

Check out the fan reaction to the game below.

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