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‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Anticipate Exciting Two-Day Grand Finale Following Group 1 Semifinal

As the endless tournament continues on Jeopardy!, the group 1 semifinals come to a close, with Ron Cheung, an economics professor from Lakewood, Ohio; Erin Portman, a high school English teacher from Naperville, Illinois; and Michael Menkhus, a data analyst from Kansas City, Missouri. However, the outcome of this last semifinal match from Group 1 got fans excited, as the next lineup of competing contestants is sure to make for a spectacle.

Before the break, Ron found the first Daily Double and lost $3,200, which left Michael in the lead with $4,400 and Erin with $0. However, as we entered Double Jeopardy, Ron was able to elevate his score to $2,800, with Michael still in the lead at $7,400 and Erin with $600.

Michael found the second Daily Double and also answered incorrectly, dropping his score by $2,000. The same thing happened once again with the final Daily Double, which Ron answered incorrectly, dropping his score $3,000. However, by that point, Michael’s lead was secured, going into Final Jeopardy with $17,800, Ron with $8,200, and Erin with $2,600. The clue for Final Jeopardy, “American Musicians,” had the following clue: “Also an author, this singer who had 5 top 40 hits in the 1970s was called the “Pirate Laureate.””

Michael and Erin answered Jimmy Buffet correctly on Final Jeopardy,  with Michael betting 0 to advance with 17,800.

“Well one thing’s for sure, this will be a two-day final for the ages,” the top comment on the Jeopardy! Subreddit said.

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