Jared Kushner Claims He Doesn’t Care At All— Not One Bit!— That His Friends Ditched Him Over Trump

Back in 2017, Jared Kushner told a number of reporters that he’d lost friends after going to work for Donald Trump, his newly elected father-in-law who’d kicked off his bid for office by declaring Mexicans criminals and rapists, and, in his first month as president, banned travel from seven majority-Muslim nations into the U.S. Explaining, in a extremely bizarre fashion, that the severing of ties didn’t bother him in the slightest, Kusher told Forbes: “I call it an exfoliation. Anyone who was willing to change a friendship or not do business because of who somebody supports in politics is not somebody who has a lot of character…People are very fickle. You have to find what you believe in, challenge your truths. And if you believe in something, even if it’s unpopular, you have to push with it.”

Fast-forward nearly six years, and it seems Kushner has continued to shed friends— or as he would probably call them, dead skin cells—, thanks to his decision to stand by a man who, among other things, incited a violent insurrection that left numerous people dead, and potentially violated the Espionage Act. But apparently, Ivanka Trump’s boy toy remains unfazed, and would like to send a message to his former pals that he doesn’t think about them at all, except when he does, at which point he comforts himself with the belief that they’re disloyal hacks who got their knickers in a twist over nothing.

Appearing on Glenn Beck’s podcast to promote his memoir, Breaking History, the former first son-in-law declared that he’s “learned that the love of the left is something that is—it’s not worth what people think it is. I see people contorting themselves and saying certain things that they don’t believe. Or not saying things that they believe, but the left has no loyalty. They turn on you in a second. And I think it’s much better to say the truth.” He added: “At the end of the day, I find a lot of my friends, on the left, they hyperventilate over different things that Trump will say. Or how they perceive it.”


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Kushner, of course, loves to downplay all of the disturbing, potentially criminal things his father-in-law, who remains a major threat to democracy, has done. In a videotaped deposition that aired during one of the January 6 hearings, he said he viewed threats by Trump administration employees to quit over the then president’s attempt to overturn the election as “whining.” Last week, he dismissed the fact that his Trump took hundreds of pages of classified documents to Mar-a-Lago as a “paperwork issue.”

After the Trump administration drew to a close, Kushner and Ivanka moved to Florida, which likely had something to do with the fact that their pals in New York City wanted nothing to do with them.

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