Senator Sehar Kamran. — Facebook account
Senator Sehar Kamran. — Facebook account 

Former PPP senator Sehar Kamran — who became famous for her “wow grape” meme — has decided to sell it as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the wake of catastrophic rain-induced floods in Pakistan. 

Sehar, who is a former school principal, said that the share generated from the meme will be donated to the people affected by the floods. 

The meme originated from a Pakistani school in Saudi Arabia and went viral back in 2020. 

It received immense popularity after the video went viral in which the Kamran, who was a school principal then, was hearing pledges from her students during a celebration in the school. 

Many students made pledges, to which, the principal replied with a “wow, great”. 

However, this was perceived as “wow, grape” by many netizens which later became a template for many memes on social media for a long time. 

Foundation, which is a digital art marketplace, will auction the NFT on September 30. 

The floods in the South Asian country have affected over 33 million people and killed above 1,100 people.

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