February 4, 2023

Films that are considered Christmas movies but aren’t really about Christmas

Films that are considered Christmas movies but aren't really about Christmas

Synopsis: A lonely scientist builds a human being named Edward (played by Johnny Depp) only to die before he’s able to craft life-like hands for his creation, leaving Edward with scissor blades instead. Years later, he is discovered by a saleswoman named Peg (Dianne West), who takes him to live in her suburban neighbourhood where he feels like a complete outcast.

Festive factor: The backyard scene where Edward shaves an ice sculpture to make it ‘snow’ for his love interest, Kim (Winona Ryder), is as Christmas as it gets. Oh, and there’s also Peg’s annual Christmas party that no one wants to attend because of Edward.

Movie fact: Depp was not the first choice to play Edward. According to the producer Caroline Thompson, who also penned the script, director Tim Burton wanted Tom Cruise in the role.

Apparently, the Top Gun star was overly keen but he asked one too many bizarre questions. 

“[Cruise] wanted to know how Edward went to the bathroom,” she previously told Dazed Digital. “He was asking the kind of questions about the character that can’t be asked for this character! Part of the delicacy of the story was not answering questions like, ‘How does he go to the bathroom? How did he live without eating all those years?’ Tom Cruise was certainly unwilling to be in the movie without those questions being answered.”

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