February 3, 2023

English coach Brendon McCullum lauds Pakistan’s performance despite whitewash

Brendon McCullum speaks during the interview — Geo News

Brendon McCullum speaks during the interview — Geo News

KARACHI: England’s head coach Brendon McCullum feels that Pakistan has played some really good cricket despite England’s 3-0 win against the home team.

England completed the whitewash on Tuesday with an eight-wicket win over Pakistan in Karachi Test. It is the first time Pakistan has been beaten and whitewashed by the side at home ground.

But Brendon feels that while England dominated the series, Pakistan played well.

“I think Pakistan has played some really good cricket throughout the series. If we look at all three test matches, I think there were some defining moments in each of those tests. And, while we might have dominated a little more throughout the series, I think Pakistan certainly had their opportunities and played their part,” he said when asked if he was expecting Pakistan to be beaten 3-0.

“I look at it from a holistic point of view; I think the series has been a watchable one for people around the world, and Test cricket has always been like that. I take my hat off to Pakistan for the part that I’ve played in it and obviously to our boys for how we’ve also played,” said the former New Zealand captain.

Brendon also shared his thoughts on the wickets they got during the series and said that he did not feel that wickets played spoilsport during the series.

“Sometimes you get different wickets. The one in Rawalpindi, I thought, was flat, and we had to work a little bit harder. So tactically, we had to be a little bit different, and hence why we tried to score it at a brisk rate to give ourselves enough time to take 20 wickets,” he mentioned.

“That Multan one challenged us in different ways. And then this one here at Karachi is quite different again because it was a bit more subcontinent-like and probably a little bit slower. I thought it was a great cricket wicket, actually,”

“And, kudos to all the groundmen across Pakistan that there’s been some variety in the wickets we’ve played on. I don’t mind, sometimes tactically to be challenged is a good thing to some,” he said.

Brendon McCullum said that the England side is thankful to all the people in Pakistan who have supported the series and looked after the visiting team. The England coach also added that the English side would walk away with some very fond memories from the tour.

Talking about England’s brand of cricket, the head coach said that the captain asks the team to go out there and try and play the best version of the game that they know and try to take pressure away from guys.

“There’s so much talent throughout English cricket. If you take away some pressure, it allows that talent to come out. So that’s as simple as messages and also having fun. You get one chance, and as an international cricketer, you don’t want to be paralyzed by fear of failure. You want to go out there and enjoy yourself, and that’s what we try and stress,” he concluded.

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