The Parsi community is a vibrant community in India. Though they may number under 100,000 yet they certainly have made a mark in Indian society. The Parsi’s believe in Zoroaster whose birth was in Iran or Persia as it was called earlier. They had their own empire and great kings like Darius and Xerxis ruled with aplomb. But defeats and the advent of Islam forced them to flee to the state of Gujarat in India.

The community is however having a negative growth rate and the result is a declining population. Most Parsi girls would like to get out of the vice like control of the Panchayat and their priests and hence in India Parsi girls marrying non Parsi’s is fairly common.

These girls are beautiful and generally very fair. We can almost refer to them as ultra fair. Thus in case you would like to live your life with a Parsi girl it will be a good idea to date her first. Parsi girls are more westernized than most Indians and hence you will have to match their ethos.

It will be a good idea to learn something about the Parsi religion.Remember once a girl marries outside the community she is not regarded as a Parsi. So you must be ready for this. These girls will generally wear western dress and seldom wear saris. But they are intelligent and fond of chocolates and good food.

When you fancy a Parsi girl be posh and nice to her. She will not tolerate slovenly characters that spew paan and the like. They prefer sophistication and hence you will have to vamp yourself. Parsi girls are generally emotional and you must convince her that you are the man for her, as for her it will mean breaking away fro her moorings as the Parsi religion will not accept her.

Follow the rules of the game but do not be shy. Be bold and once you win her confidence and hold her hands. She will expect to be kissed like English girls. So be mentally ready for it. Girls from this community will generally not prefer spicy Indian food, so on a date order good continental or Chinese food. Parsi girls will love outings and long drives. Keep your car in good condition and take her around to distant picnic spots. After a couple of dates when you have her confidence kiss her and propose. You will be a winner and bag an ultra fair bride.

Source by Madan G Singh

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