Carpets are extensively used in cold countries as other kinds of flooring are not as comfortable as carpets in those countries. In the Middle East too they use carpets. This may be due to their traditional connection with them. Persia the present Iran has been famous for carpets for centuries. Present day Iran too is well known for its carpets. Persian carpets are synonymous with carpets.

There are different varieties of carpets. They are woven using different kinds of material using different techniques. The designs too vary. Wall to wall carpets are popular in countries with temperate climates. This could be mainly because a tile floor is not easy to walk on a cold winter day. In tropics most houses use carpets as decorative material for the drawing room as their floors are normally tiled. Tiled floors are easier to keep clean than a carpeted floor.

Carpets gather dust easily; hence having it cleaned by constant vacuum cleaning is a must. Carpet cleaning too is a professional job. Though you can clean your carpet with a wet vacuum cleaner using some shampoo you cannot afford to do the cleaning for a long time. When the carpet gets soiled beyond a certain limit it is a must for you to seek the assistance of the professional cleaner. Professional cleaning companies who specialize in carpet cleaning use machines and special techniques for the job. To remove stains they use special chemicals made for the purpose. They are able to clean the entire lot of carpets of a big enterprise in a day.

A nicely cleaned wall to wall carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company is an asset in home decor. Clean floors devoid of dust are a must for healthy living and your visitors will be pleased to visit your home with clean carpets which reflects a happy house hold.

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