An optical illusion asking netizens to spot three hidden owls in a picture within nine seconds is going viral on social media. 

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The optical illusion is a creation of Hungary’s Gergely Dudás. He is a specialist in illustrating such visuals. 

The picture showed pupils, dressed neatly in their uniforms, coming together with books and pets for a fun activity in a school. But, they hadn’t spotted three owls hiding among them.

The task of finding the hidden owls rests with netizens within nine seconds. The birds are peeping from the students’ backs. Here is the puzzle’s solution.

Solving optical illusions are a great way to spend time and test intelligence and observational skills.

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An optical illusion is going viral where netizens were asked to spot a bat, butterfly and duck in a family picture.

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It is easy to find the bat, duck and butterfly if the viewer looks at the shapes made by the objects instead of directly looking at object.

The shape of the duck is formed between the dog’s hind legs whereas the bat can be spotted between the boy and girl’s elbows. If we have a close look at the tree leaves in the background, we can see the shape of a butterfly.


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