‘The vibe was always good’

‘The vibe was always good’

Lana Condor talked about working with co-star Cole Sprouse in their upcoming movie Moonshot in a recent interview.

In an conversation with Us Weekly, the To All the Boys actor and Sprouse gushed over each other, saying they ‘felt lucky’ to get along so well.

The 24-year-old actor said, “The vibe was always good. We had a really, really great time.”

“It’s really special when you’re able to work on a job where your coworkers are just good people,” Condor continued.

The actor further added, “That’s not always the case, and that’s fine. But for this, at least in my opinion, I feel very grateful and I feel very lucky that it was Cole, because I think that (he’s) a good person.”

The science-fiction romantic comedy will hit the theatres on March 31st 2022.

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