Prince William shares a uncommon hug with aged man throughout Scotland go to

Prince William shares a rare hug with elderly man during Scotland visit

Prince William, who is currently in Scotland with wife Kate Middleton on a two-day visit, shared a touching moment with a Glasgow resident on Wednesday, May 10, reported The Daily Mail.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who are known as Earl and Countess of Strathearn in Scotland, stopped in Glasgow to meet with royal fans and in especially emotional moment, met with an elderly man who embraced the future heir.

According to numerous outlets, royals are barred from sharing such hugs with commoners, with royal traditional dictating that people cannot touch the Royals.

Prince William’s embrace with the elderly wasn’t the only touching moment of the day, with the royal couple also paying a visit to the Wheatley Homes for disadvantaged people.

Sharing her experience of meeting with William and Kate, Wheatley Group chair Jo Armstrong told Daily Mail: “They were very interested in the work of our foundation, about how Wheatley is giving young people the best start in life and also how we are creating new job and training opportunities so customers can reach their full potential.”

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