Prince William, Kate Middleton urged to save face with ‘better executed’ royal trips

Prince William, Kate Middleton urged to save face with ‘better executed’ royal trips


Prince William and Kate Middleton are adviced to take a close look on their upcoming trips, with respect to a better PR strategy.

Royal expert Russell Myers notes that the Caribbean trip has left the Cambridges’ reputation “severely wounded”.

He wrote on Twitter: “Lauded for being the fresh faces of the monarchy in an ever-changing world, William and Kate may look back on this week as a time that shaped their future more than any #RoyalTourCaribbean.

“After spending the week on #RoyalTourCaribbean I believe some serious questions will need to [be] asked of not just how this tour was able to fall into so many pitfalls, but how royal tours are planned and executed in future.

“There have been good parts, eg today in The Bahamas was a success despite having to rely on an old faithful of a royal walkabout.

“But a series of PR disasters that should have been seen a mile off has left the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s reputation severely wounded.”

Earlier, Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, noted that he wishes to opt out Commonwealth to make Jamaica a republic.

“There are issues here, which as you know, are unresolved, but your presence gives us an opportunity for those issues to be placed in context, to be out front and center and to be addressed as best we can,” he told William and Kate during their meeting. “But Jamaica is, as you would see, is a country that is proud of its history and very proud of what we have achieved. And we’re moving on and we intend to… fulfill our true ambitions and destiny to become an independent, developed and prosperous country.” 


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