Prince William beats Kate Middleton to win bragging rights

Prince William beats Kate Middleton to win bragging rights

Prince William and wife Kate Middleton raced against each other in the Bahamas with the Duke of Cambridge clinching sailing victory to secure bragging rights.

According to reports, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met torrential rain on their first day in the Caribbean nation, and after meeting schoolchildren, listening to frontline workers, and attending a Junkanoo parade, took part in the Platinum Jubilee Regatta at Montagu Beach.

Kate and William changed into casual shorts and short-sleeved tops to take part in the sailing contest, which was also dogged with a downpour.

The couple first watched a race between people from the Royal Nassau Sailing Club, which was supported by the late Prince Philip, and then joined crews sailing 21ft Class B sloops (boats) to take part in the races themselves.

According to Jimmie Lowe, the director of sailing at the Bahamas Sailing Association, William won the race after being handed control of the boat.

Lowe shared: “The skipper of the Susan Chase gave the helm to the prince and he sailed the boat all the way to the finish.”

He also shared that Kate failed to achieve victory after her boat ran into a technical problem with its rudder.

“They had to drop the sail down, which cost them a good 50 metres at the start of the race,” Lowe explained.

Kate eventually came in last while her husband, William, won the race; this was her second consecutive loss to William, who had earlier beat her at the King’s Cup charity regatta off the Isle of Wight in 2019.

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