Palace had ‘no clue’ Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson would go behind their back

Palace had ‘no clue’ Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson would go behind their back


Palace was totally blindsided by Prince Andrew’s shocking move to regain social media presence.

Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie on their podcast Royally Obsessed declare that the Buckingham Palace aides had ‘no clue’ Andrew is going to use ex-wife Sarah Ferguson’s Instagram account to share his two cents about social media.

Ms Fiorito said: “It is @sarahferguson15 that they shared these posts written by Andrew, supposedly Fergie’s the one who requested that he share his reflections on the 40th anniversary of him leaving to serve in the Fauklands war with the Royal Navy”

“He shares over 700 words in three different posts”

“It was originally signed the HRH Duke of York which he’s not supposed to be using the HRH,” she added. The post was later removed by the Palace.

She added: “Buckingham Palace aides were told and they were totally blindsided and had zero clue [about the posts]”.

Ms Bowie added: “I kind of look at it that Andrew was like, I [he] showed up at the Service of Thanksgiving, this gives me a moment to start my path back.

“It makes no sense, my very first reaction was… that this guy mainly needs an editor”

She adds: “Who is in their inner circle guiding them to make these decisions or are they just totally going rouge”.

The Duke of York, who used the post to tell public that he is ‘a changed man’, was earlier labelled ‘desperate’ by a royal watcher.

Robert Jobson The Mirror: “The Duke of York’s bizarre decision to try to bolster his own image by waffling on about his Falklands war experiences on his ex-wife’s Instagram account and also use the HRH title that has been stripped from him to sign off was an odd move.”


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