‘My hormones are kinda silly’

‘My hormones are kinda stupid’

Britney Spears talked about her exciting day in Mexico with partner Sam Aghari as she dished on her pregnancy mood swings in recent social media post.

Taking to Instagram, the Toxic singer penned a long note revealing she scrapped her knee as she fell down during her vacation.

She captioned her post, “Casted away yet set again to own it … I say it with no humiliation at all whatsoever !!! I literally sit in it… the embarrassment I bathe in it… cry in it and laugh in it… it’s nice folks.”

“Believe it or not the garden I fell down in and scrapped my knee was more than just THAT … it was a big deal!!! big deal out of nothing why yes… my bloody knee sprinkled over to my dog’s paws… security said Sawyer is hurt and I said no it’s me… I think my dog and I became one at that moment like some sort of weird vampire (expletive),” Spears added.

She continued: “Wait is my face gonna turn bleach-white tomorrow??? In my London days just heels… red lips and the whitest face known to mankind… yep that was me… now I’m in Spanish paradise… trying to stay composed, but kinda weird I will be honest!!!”

“Being pregnant my hormones are kinda stupid,” she further penned, adding that she wants to jump out of her car and run without clothes as she feels hot due to her pregnancy.

Talking about her cravings, she ended her note, writing, “I thought pizza looked great but it tasted like salami!!! I hated it, but the looks of it can be deceiving… I will say it tasted like (expletive)… goodnight… it’s pickle time!!!”

The singer, who is a mother to two sons Sean and Jayden, is pregnant with her first child with Asghari.

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