Meghan Markle caused ‘shudders at Palace’ ahead of royal wedding. Here’s how

Meghan Markle caused ‘shudders at Palace’ ahead of royal wedding. Here's how

Meghan Markle reportedly sent shudders down the halls at Buckingham Palace with an overeager remark in an interview before she walked the aisle to become Prince Harry’s wife, reported The Mirror.

According to a royal expert, a month before marrying Harry, Meghan participated in the Royal Foundation’s first forum event alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The foundation was set up by William, Kate and Harry, with Meghan joining in after her engagement to Harry. She spoke at the first event in February 18, right before her royal wedding.

During the event, Meghan reportedly said she was keen “to hit the ground running” when it came to working for royal charities.

While her comment may have been well-intentioned, it did not go down well at the Palace according to royal author Tina Brown.

In her book The Palace Papers, Brown shared how the royal family was left aghast at Meghan’s comment because they are ‘used to things working a lot slower’.

Brown told The Telegraph: “I think Meghan felt she could get in there and change it all.”

She added: “Frankly, she could have done a great deal to change things had she stuck around, but the thing that’s most baffling is such impatience. She could have spent a year away and come back with a great game plan.”

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